Featured Image for New illustrations by Young and Sick

New illustrations by Young and Sick

Where would you like your art featured? One pretty cool place is to have it on the new iPhone 5 – where all eyes are glued to the screen at the launch. You’d think it would be luck, but it isn’t – the work of Young & Sick – one guy from London speaks for itself. An amazing illustrator/artist who being friends with Mark Foster ended up doing his album cover – others – including Maroon 5 liked what they saw and followed suit. Not only can he design a sick (intended) cover, he can make the music inside. His first single House of Spirits has been well received and I hear more is on the way very soon so watch out for this guy. 


About the author

A love of traveling, art, and denim saw this Brit native mix them all up. The result was art crafted from denim and a new home in Sweden. Even though he once lived in Australia and never rode a wave, Denimu is only slightly better with a keyboard and likes to write about the things he has seen on his travels and the people he meets along the way.