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Amigurumi Molecules

Javelin Chi, a chemist who now works as a research technologist, started crocheting in graduate school to relieve the stress of lab work. She eventually turned her hobby into a professional sideline, selling her crocheted molecules on her Etsy shop, Prim and Plush, and at craft shows. 

Says Chi, “Combining my two passions for science, mainly organic chemistry, and crochet was just a natural thing for me to do. I had just started trying out the craft of amigurumi and immediately wanted to start making molecules.” She says her best customers are grad students, teachers and professors, and her most popular designs are ethanol and the three phases of water.

Check out caffeine, a large (13 by 11 inch) structure made of cotton yarn over wooden dowels in the Japanese technique called amigurumi. The combination of deep browns and creamy white give it the invigorating jolt of a grande latte.