Featured Image for PachaMama: a commune in Costa Rica

PachaMama: a commune in Costa Rica

‘Commune’ is a pretty big word. What, with all its Jonestown massacre undertones and joint-biodegrading-in-dreadlock mythologies. But hit dictionary.com and you’ll find its true definition is not so bad. PachaMama, found in a valley on the northwest coast of Costa Rica, is a commune. And a pretty great one at that. If you’ve ever been tantalized by the concept of running into the wild, hair braided, clothes off and iPhone tossed behind you, this is the place to do it. 

Describing itself an oasis where one can “dive into a transformative spiritual voyage, rejuvenate the body, connect with nature and celebrate life”, the ideals and practices of PachaMama are clearly not for the Gucci at heart. But for yogic folk, this could very well be the way of the future. A new life at the end of a manila folder clad tunnel. Or at the very least, a lovely two week holiday.