Featured Image for New street art by GIRL and Bunny

New street art by GIRL and Bunny

GIRL and Bunny do street-art in Perth, Western Australia. GIRL is actually a guy who drinks six energy drinks and then draws with a bunch of textas. GIRL is inspired by Rugrats, slime, Brian Chippendale, Asian girls, regrets, fluro pink, the ’90s, and Jurassic Park.

He calls himself a middle class loser, but his art is vivid and warped and brilliant: GIRL’s art is reminiscent of the lurid caricatures that accumulate in the margins and file-dividers of highschool homework. Bunny draws giant ugly faces punctuated with scabs and goo, and makes stickers for sticking on things. She has a huge obsession with film directors and all their stereotypical personal choices, and hopes her work makes people happy. Although their work is principally illustration, they paint and scribble on pretty much anything, including public property.