Featured Image for Lost At E Minor’s best images from 2012 (so far)

Lost At E Minor’s best images from 2012 (so far)

With the special Lost At E Minor party going down in Sydney tomorrow night, we’ve been looking through this year’s ‘Best Of‘ to pick out the most stunning images that we’ve all enjoyed so much to share on the walls of the venue. Each image below is linked to the original post. We hope you enjoy as much as we did, and if you think we’ve missed any, let us know. (First image is from a series of historic black and white photos of New York City)

Sayaka Ganz: makes beautiful art from trash

Psychedelic art by Rodrigo Pradel

Incredible photos of Picasso drawing with light

Colourful umbrellas over the streets of Portugal

Stunning photos of Earth taken from 240 miles up in space

Portrats of music heroes made from CDs

Melted Crayon art – now a phenomena

The underwater project by Mark Tipple

Lego street art from around the world

Lee Jeffries’s portraits of homeless people

Shadow sculptures by Kumi Yamashita

Glow in the dark skatepark by Koo Jeong

Girl’s vivid dreams interpreted through photographs
Revealing photoshoot with Frances Bean Cobain

Horrific ’80s movie characters getting on with age

Banksy paints the Queen as Ziggy Stardust

Environmental street art by Anna Garforth

Fingernail landscapes by Alice Bartlett

Incredible ‘photos’ of Chinese bike couriers

Guerilla artist cloaks everything in crochet

Banksy’s street art brought to life as animated gifs

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