Featured Image for Tasheles art squat in Berlin has been closed

Tasheles art squat in Berlin has been closed

The famed Tacheles art squat, a decrepit, decaying structure when it was first take over, nearly twenty years ago, has been closed and its occupants evicted by police this week. The closure signals not just the end of a vibrant, subversive era in Berlin’s famed art scene, but also a chilling precursor of further evictions across Europeas politicians, inner-city property developers and police collude to support the interests of finance and consumerism.

It comes hard on the heels of new laws which have seen over 20,000 evicted from squats all over Britain. Despite the more benign inclination of France’s new left-wing government under Francois Hollande, the occupants of Paris’s famous Belleville art squats must be watching these developments with disquiet. As the art critic,Jonathan Jones put it, in yesterday’s issue of The Guardian newspaper “[Tacheles] was a meeting place for the city’s artists and subversives that had the atmosphere of some legendary, mythic avant garde venue of the past like the Cabaret Voltaire.” Now it’s gone for good.