Epilogue: an art installation in Los Angeles

Epilogue is an immersive installation based art show. It’s processes and concept have been inspired by America’s gun loving culture, corporate behemoths considered “to big to fail”, and a financial meltdown. It has pushed the three of us as artists away from what we have come to identify as our own individual styles along with the tools and mediums we have become used to incorporating into our artistic careers.

We’ve traded the more traditional media of oil paints, canvas, and inks for reclaimed billboards, fire stencils, carbon soot emissions, and hand painted assault rifles, as a way of taking what we felt was a more relevant look at today through the scope of our art. This video itself is a movie style trailer come art video, that acts emblematically of our longing to step outside our artistic comfort zones. What we did with the video was a new feel for us in that we did not show the artwork nor do a traditional narrated artist interview but instead looked at the video as a piece of art itself which does less to answer a question and ideally more to inhibit curiosity in the viewer, leaving them with questions on our modern society and potentially life itself. “Epilogue”, a show by D young V, Eddie Colla, and Hugh Leeman, opens Saturday, September 8th at 7 p.m. in downtown Los Angeles at Hold Up Art Gallery, 2 blocks south of the Geffen Contemporary MOCA, 358 E. 2nd St.