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Yeastie Boys Digital IPA

Release the beer recipe! That’s the word on the lips of home brewers around the US who are eager to get their hands on President Obama’s White House Honey Ale recipe. Meanwhile, over in New Zealand, one company is ahead of the curve. Enter Yeastie Boys.

Based in Wellington, this independent brewery recently introduced an India pale ale to its line of craft beers that encourages fans to make their own version of the brew. Aptly titled, Digital IPA, a QR code on the label directs all want-to-be-brewers with a smartphone to a webpage where they can access the full recipe. And what a recipe it is. Since its launch, Digital has won heaps of awards and accolades for its ‘rich golden malt backbone’. If you don’t have a smartphone or you’re not in New Zealand, fret not – you can still find the secrets to their sauce here.

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