Featured Image for Nokia Lumia 900: for the social butterfly in all of us

Nokia Lumia 900: for the social butterfly in all of us

Nokias’ latest release, the Lumia 900, is simple perfection for the music loving social butterfly in all of us. We test drove this little beauty (which comes in four bright and playful colours) in the lead up to our Splendour Jaunt, and lucky for us, it came equipped with the ultimate Splendour playlist loaded through Nokias’ exclusive Mix Radio, which cleverly allows you to stream hours of your favourite tunes for ZIP.

The Nokia Lumia just works nicely all round. Log in via Facebook, Twitter and email, and all of your previous contacts are available. That’s it. We’re still undecided if the high speed connectivity, Xbox live hub, the ultra cool intuitive live grid (which feeds friends updates, next meetings and surf forecasts straight to the handset), or the 8mp camera are our second favorite features (after the free music streaming, of course). Until the end of September, both the Nokia 800 and 900 come with a free set of Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headsets by Monster, which offer superior sound quality (and is valued at $249).