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Juiceology: extraordinary all-natural soda

Imagine a soda that has all of the flavor, complexity, and texture of your favorite glass of full-bodied red wine. Now imagine that soda is made of all-natural ingredients, with no refined sugars or artificial colours or flavors. And finally, picture that very same delicious beverage packaged inside a bottle that would set any design guru’s heart a-thumping. Time to pinch yourself? Hardly. Just crack open a cold bottle of Juiceology, and drink in the love.

The brainchild of entrepreneur Richard Watson and experienced mixologist Joe McCanta, Juiceology – which is based in London – isn’t your ordinary juicey soda. The flavors alone tell the story: Lychee, Berry and Basil; Coconut Water and Guava; or (our personal favorite) Mandarin, Ginger and Cardamom. Enjoy the slightly fizzy tonics alone or with a splash of your booze of choice. Either way, your taste buds might just think they’re dreaming.