Featured Image for Cat Prin: the world’s only tailor for cats

Cat Prin: the world’s only tailor for cats

Everyone needs a good tailor. Even cats. Especially cats. So here’s Cat Prin, an online boutique store that sells all the apparel every self-respecting cat needs to look sharp in — like the ‘frog transformation set’, ‘young lady blouse‘ and ‘shawl of leopard‘. Takako Iwase is the Japanese cat tailor, the driving force behind these feline fashion creations, while Prin is her white cat who models most of them. Especially brilliant are the poetic lines that sprout up everywhere on the site. ‘You need to dress a cat. And you will say to a cat together with a family. ‘It has changed just for a moment’, are wise words that are now engraved into the insides of our brains.