Featured Image for Dough portraits by Soren Dahlgaard

Dough portraits by Soren Dahlgaard

I’ve often blurted my thoughts on the odd (unfortunate) case where someone’s face reminds me of a blob of dough; two holes poked for the eyes, one for the nose, another for the mouth. I probably don’t need to tell you that my vision wasn’t always appreciated. I’ve held back my thoughts on the matter until today. Coming across Danish artist Soren Dahlgaard’s series of Dough Portraits is like one of those moments where the skies open, sunlight beams down upon us, and the opera ‘aahh’s’ chime in.

Dahlgaard’s take on the traditional self-portrait has a little less to do with replicating a vision like mine and more to do with waking people’s curiosity. Aware that people could all relate to dough and bread, how it feels to touch it and how it is made, Dahlgaard wanted to clarify its place in art by plonking it over people’s heads. Not before giving the posers a moment for a little play and mold of the dough.