Crowd-funding a year in London at Turps Art School

In a similar vein to independent art schools, I’m a pretty big fan of crowd-funding sites. It s a great idea to stop creative projects having to go cap-in-hand to a bank and be treated like crap before being told, ‘get out of here, jobless’, or having to hang around parks making friends with married men.

Being such a big fan, I decided to raise funds for my year in London being part of Turps Art School. I love the fact that its a mutually beneficial relationship. It affords people the opportunity, for a relatively small amount of money, to contribute to an artistic project, but also, more importantly, allows them to own original art works. These sites have quickly become very crucial to people in the UK, as funds for individual artistic development simply do not exists. It constantly surprises me that the UK ever produces the quality of artists it does. Maybe we like being treated like bad children. God knows.