Featured Image for Tacofino Commissary in Vancouver

Tacofino Commissary in Vancouver

Tacofino is a roving food truck that’s been winning over the hearts and stomachs of Vancouverites for years. With the success of their “fast slow” concept and Baja-inspired tacos – which have been called some of the best in British Columbia – Tacofino swung open the doors to a brick-and-mortar space last week. The menu and the interior are creative and hip, making Tacofino Commissary the newest hotspot in Vancouver.

A simple organic meets post-industrial chic vibe defines the restaurant’s style. Concrete floors, large wooden communal tables, and a bespoke lighting installation of copper, bulbs, planters, and cacti dominates the ceiling. The menu too is imaginative with items like Poke Tostado made of tuna, soy, sesame, wakame, beer, and hazelnuts, or Heart on a Stick, which marries grilled chicken hearts with jerk spices and watermelon pickles. Then there’s Tacofino’s take on the beloved Canadian poutine. Their version blankets French fries in queso fundido, cheddar curds, braised beef, and kimchi cream. ¡Oh Canadá!