Featured Image for Junior Violence: new music by Ape School

Junior Violence: new music by Ape School

What happens when you turn loose a hyper once Def Leppard air-guitarring-prog-space-psych-rocker in a room full of Eventide gadgets, a wall of synth and a couple other folks who are ready and willing to learn and riff along? That would be the brand new, catchy drop from Ape School (Michael Johnson), entitled Junior Violence (Hometapes). One can’t really compare this record to anything prerequisite. It’s Michael at the controls at his most precise, tender and honest under the Ape School moniker. Whoa, I really dug that song! What was that sound? The best way I can describe it is Conan the Barbarian sticking two forks into a powerstrip. You have to hear it for yourself.