Featured Image for Luna 1878 Night Market in Melbourne

Luna 1878 Night Market in Melbourne

It may be hot and sticky where you are but in the Southern Hemisphere, winter is well under way. And ‘tis the season for mulled wine, comfort food, and hibernating beside a fire with a bowl of something steaming. To help lure Melburnians from underneath their duvets, there’s Luna 1878: a new night street market running weekly throughout August.

Embracing Melbourne’s authentic and local talents, the night market will serve up hearty eats, eclectic food for the soul, a plethora of winter drinks, and a hub of flavors. Whether it’s Eastern European or South American, Italian or Nepalese, Luna 1878 promises to deliver a vast range of comfort eats. Artisans will stand beside performance artists and musicians, slinging their goods to liven up the senses. And if all that doesn’t thaw you out, well, there’s also a specialty bar and wine tastings too. Winter in Melbourne looks pretty hot.