Featured Image for Milkmade Ice Cream in New York City

Milkmade Ice Cream in New York City

In early 2010, we featured a fledgling company that was dripping with potential. Milkmade was only six-months old at the time, its membership hovered around 50, and its ice cream delivery service was restricted to a handful New York City blocks. Cut to two years later and it’s fair to say that Milkmade is a sensation.

Membership for this subscription-based ice cream company has skyrocketed, delivery has expanded, and the press is screaming for its creamy goodness and creative pints. Their recipe for success is a clever mix of sustainable, organic ingredients foraged from local New York producers (think Mast Brothers Chocolate and Grady’s Cold Brew), blended with an innovative approach to what ice cream is supposed to be. A recent flavor of the day, Plantain Chocolate Chip, was made with Rockway Taco plantain chips painted in chocolate then swirled into Mast Brother’s chocolate ice cream. Other pints include Salted Watermelon, Pop Tarts Ice Cream sandwiched between handmade strawberry pop tarts, and Follow The Rainbow, a brown sugar vanilla ice cream blended with crushed almond rainbow cookies. So if you live in the New York metro area and you have $30 extra a month, you too could have Milkmade’s hand-sourced and hand-crafted ice cream hand-delivered to your doorstop. Now, I’d say that’s definitely something worth screaming for.