Probably the most horrific ice cream ad you’ll ever watch

You know what they say about YouTube comments. Always read them. One went, ‘Never watch at this after 00.00 It was fuckin´horrible’. We clearly didn’t heed that and merrily skipped ahead to watch a Japanese bloke covered in goop stare at us as he ate ice cream off the top of his head. Another said, ‘everyone turn the Closed captions on…’, so we replayed it again with English captions. Turned out he was saying something about how eating ‘little babies ice cream keeps me young’. And then we read ‘now i wanna see a battery acid commercial’. Uh huh, you bet. This commercial for a Philadelphia-based ice cream parlour is probably the unhappiest ice cream ad we’ve ever seen. On a happier note, we’ve found our perfect Halloween costume this year.