Featured Image for Vivid Braille: new fashion by Brock Willsey

Vivid Braille: new fashion by Brock Willsey

Brock Willsey is not a character from the ‘Venture Brothers’, though he’s built like Brock Sampson and does come from the badlands of Detroit. Instead of taking on international supervillains, Willsey decided his passion lie with fashion and fashion design, both passions he displays at his elite store on Damen avenue, near the famous Six Corners in Bucktown/Wicker Park. Willsey calls his shop Vivid Braille, because one of the things he’s most interested in is not just the look of the shirts and other items he designs, but also how they feel. In addition to a very attractive and masculine line of button-downs, there is also jewelry made from found objects like vacuum tubes, and t-shirts silk-screened right there in the store.