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La Sardinia: a DIY analogue film camera

While former film heavyweights continue to struggle in the face of the so-called digital revolution, Lomography continues to build a business based solely on analog photography. Its success is mostly due to the fact that Lomos are cheap, user-friendly, and adorable — qualities one usually doesn’t associate with cameras, digital or otherwise.

But choosing the right Lomo can be overwhelming, considering the company’s panoply of formats and designs. The La Sardina is a wide-angle 35mm camera that takes the form of a sardine can, and doesn’t require batteries. (It also takes surprisingly great pictures.)

And now, you can save yourself the hassle of choosing a design with La Sardina’s brand-new DIY edition — a camera that’s also a blank canvas designed with your own designs in mind. There’s a downloadable template, and the camera itself comes with transparent panels, a miniature screwdriver, and extra screws, so you can cover the whole thing with expertly rendered illustration or colorful, childlike doodles — depending, of course, on you.