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Churchkey Can Co.

If you love vintage (and I know I do), then you’ll love the most recent collaboration between actor Adrian Grenier and former Nike designer Justin Hawkins: the flat-top steel beer can. Never heard of it? Chances are, if you’re under 50, it’s probably a beer experience you’ve never had. Since the mid-1970s, the flat top can has been nothing more than a distant memory. Until now, that is.

Aptly titled Churchkey Can Co., these pilsner-style beers are packaged in retro-fantastic cans, throwing back to 1935. The craft beer inside is the work of Hawkins’ friends and Portland-based home brewers, Lucas Jones and Sean Burke, who have been churning out their own brew from their garage for years. And with every six-pack of Churchkey comes its namesake opener, without which you couldn’t get to the good stuff. So what’s the point? According to Grenier and Hawkins’, they wanted to follow the artisan’s creed, revive a forgotten beer experience, and put ‘a little extra effort back into our modern-day lifestyle’. Cheers to that.