Featured Image for Rotofuji Gallery: the funnest place in Chicago

Rotofuji Gallery: the funnest place in Chicago

According to Krusty the Klown, the funnest place on Earth is Tijuana. But the funnest place in Chicago is the Rotofugi Gallery. Whether you pronounce is with a hard ‘g’ or a ‘j’, the Rotofugi Gallery is the city’s focal point for all things vinyl toy, low brow, and otherwise disrespectful.

An impressive number of ‘blind boxed’ and collectible toys adorn the large, high-ceilinged space, and they even have one of those ‘mold your own’ plastic toy machines, like you find at the zoo (with their own specially designed creature available). Two friendly little dogs lounge on the couch. There’s even an additional art/painting/sculpture space where Rotofugi has regular events with artists from around the world. DJ and soft drinks included.