Featured Image for New Lady Aiko mural on Houston Street, New York

New Lady Aiko mural on Houston Street, New York

Last night, I had the great luck of catching Lady Aiko in the act of working on her new mural on Houston Street. The wall, which was home to a famous Keith Haring mural back in 1982, has been home to a number of great murals in recent years. As wonderful as it has been to have this area brought to life by the likes of Os GemeosFAILE,Retna, and JR, there has also been a lot of resent from people who wanted the original Keith Haring mural to always be there.

The mural that received the most outrage was by Shepard Fairey. Fairey’s May Day mural was extensively defaced by enormous tags and huge panels of the wall were even removed, to the extent that the entire lower half of the mural ended up being covered in plywood paneling. This seemed to be more of a personal attack against Shepard Fairey than it was against the mural itself. Here’s hoping that Lady Aiko’s beautiful work doesn’t draw such a violent response.