Featured Image for Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, London

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, London

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies promises “quality goods for monsters of every kind.” But you won’t find them in a children’s book or a Harry Potter film. You will, however, find them in London. Curious?

Step into the old-timey boutique and you’ll stumble on shelves lined with everything a monster could want for. You know, like freshly extracted nails, a tin ripe with “A Vague Sense of Unease,” textured organ marmalade, and bloodsucker lollipops. Personally, we’re smitten with their Salt Made from Tears of Anger, Tears of Laughter, and Tears of Sorrow (better known as sea salt smoked over Welsh oak, with organic spices, and mixed with lavender). If it’s an escalating sense of panic you’re seeking, there’s a tin can of peppermint sweets that’s guaranteed to perform. Orders can be placed online if you can’t trek to Hoxton Street. Just don’t forget to throw in some slime suckers before you checkout.