Featured Image for Mixed media collages by Carina Santos

Mixed media collages by Carina Santos

Loosely based on Adrienne Rich’s For an Album, How Still, How Fast is a potpourri of collated pictures, Lomographs (or film photographs), and recollected nostalgia. In this series of mixed media collages, Carina Santos interweaves new stories out of tarnished imageries and their unnoticed details to recreate things, meanings, and feelings. In this series, Santos uncovers how (or why) ‘No one ever takes a photograph of something they want to forget.’ How Still, How Fast will be on display until July 14 at Blanc Peninsula Manila.

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Erin a marveller of non-sequitur writing, cinematic films, and analogue photography. She writes for fun, money, and thrill. She has a soft spot for cats, tattooed men, and tattooed men who likes cats. Follow her on Twitter at @basterda.