36 proof Spodee: mulled wine meets moonshine

Here’s one upside to a sulking global economy: the rise of prohibition cocktails, speakeasy bars, and underground restaurants. Less capital tends to spur unexpected creativity. So too does that depression-era nostalgia. To add to the list of trending booze and bites, is Spodee. If the old-timey milk bottle doesn’t convince you that it’s a throwback, well, its contents surely will.

This ‘depression era hooch’ was inspired by the drink of the times made of country wine mixed with strong liquor and topped with anything from soda to juice, herbs to spices. The result? Wine that really packs a punch, which is exactly what spirits guru Steven Grasse and the makers behind Spodee promise. Produced and bottled at America’s oldest winery, Spodee is a bit like mulled wine meets moonshine. Sweet, easy-to-drink, and deceptively strong at 36 proof. Mix it with cola for a “Spodee & Sody,” blend it with coffee for an extra buzz, or top it with tonic. It’s a spirit masquerading as a wine. Wine with a kick, that is.