Featured Image for Grab Your Glasses: a 3D photo series

Grab Your Glasses: a 3D photo series

As a self-described ‘technical photographer’, Jack Doncaster thrives at learning new techniques and testing the boundaries of his own abilities. His latest project, Grab Your Glasses, is a three-dimensional series for Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses.

The execution of the series was not easy. Doncaster explains that the project needed a dual camera set-up to create the three dimensional images, multiple test shoots to perfect the technique, having to measure the exact height of the cameras in conjunction with each other, as well as their distance and angle to the models, then the models to the background, and from the background back to the cameras. If a simple measurement error occurred (just by millimeters), the images wouldn’t turn out as planned. Through this project, he aimed to express his views on the new wave of technology that is creeping into the commercial industry and how some medias are threatening the areas of the photographic world in which he himself aims to work within.