The God Of Loneliness: the new single from Emmy the Great

At one stage, a track on Emmy the Great’s 2011 album, Virtue: God of Loneliness, was held back and is now being given the full single treatment, backed by a cover of the Mazzy Star classic, Fade Into You.

God of Loneliness is accompanied by a brilliant short film starring Isy Suttie (Peep Show) and Shazad Latif (Spooks). Described by Emmy as ‘horror rom-com’, it was directed by Chris Boyle, and set in her favourite Brutalist tower block, west London’s Trellick Tower. 

Many of the tracks from Emmy’s recent album were influenced by her own experiences of love lost from early 2011. Emmy’s fiancé at that time left their flat one day, and never came back. He had undergone a rapid conversion to Christianity, and left the country. Emmy stayed behind with the pieces, the cancellations, the confusions. She hid away from the world, trying to make sense of what had happened with books about religion, folk tales, other women who had been through strange experiences.

The result was Virtue, and a year later, the release of the album, and its response internationally, has been the final step in the process of moving on. The rich, confident sound of God of Loneliness, with all its accompanying collaborations, are reflective of Emmy’s return to the world at large. Emmy The Great is currently out on tour with Noah and The Whale and playing across Europe in May with Ben Howard: