Featured Image for Stunning portrait art by Sam Spratt

Stunning portrait art by Sam Spratt

Sometimes I come across an artist who makes me wonder why I’d ever bother to open Photoshop or pick up a pencil or needle and thread or camera ever again. One such artist is New York-based illustrator, Sam Spratt.

I’d been seeing his work around Tumblr quite a bit and his illustrations are just stunning. His portraits are so insightful that I expected this to be the work of a well-seasoned graphic artist, so imagine my surprise when I found out that Spratt is in his early 20s. His age hasn’t prevented him from already gathering an impressive list of clients, such as MSNBC and Warner Music. I realize that it serves no purpose for us to compare ourselves to other people and put ourselves down as a result, because we all have different viewpoints and talents and different things to bring to the table. So I keep on doing what I do anyway, because I know it’s going to resonate with somebody.