Fresh Guacamole: a brilliant stop-motion video by PES

It seems like everyone and their canary thinks that they have what it takes to become the world’s best amateur chef.  Talk a lot about ‘depth of flavours’, cry a little bit on camera to show your passion, slide right into a book deal and a TV show that lasts about two seasons. The artist known as PES has stripped the art of cooking right back: no famous faces, no fancy dishes. In fact,no real ingredients.

The stars of this show are the unconventional substitutes for staple produce and pantry items. Dice become stock cubes, Rubik’s cubes translate as garlic, chess pieces represent salt and pepper. In 2008, his stop-motion video, Western Spaghetti, was named TIME magazine’s number 2 viral video of the year and currently stands at 8.7 million views on YouTube. PES just released his latest adventures in creative cooking with his new culinary stop motion, Fresh Guacamole, for Showtime, another quirky and playful interpretation of a simple meal, blended together into a seamless and detailed stop-motion masterpiece.