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Eccentric transvestite artist Grayson Perry

I first came across Grayson Perry and his work through a BBC documentary made about his life and astonishing works of art. Perry is a UK-based artist, known for his cross-dressing and eccenstrism, who works mainly on producing ceramics and pottery. Yet what makes his character particularly intriguing is the reflection of his past onto the works that he comes to produce.

In his work, Perry reflects upon his upbringing as a young boy, his stepfather’s anger and the absence of proper guidance about male conduct which he explains as the result of his father’s early family abandonment. Upon this departure, Perry’s father left a motorbike perches on the side of the house – a bike that became the centre of his artistic cosmos.

Perry’s teddy, affectionately known as Alan Measles, becomes a surrogate father figure and a mentor to Perry’s work. Last year, a tour was planned for Alan Measles through rural Germany before he officially landed his place in the British Museum.

Perry’s work continues to have a significant influence on contemporary artists in Britain today and, above all else, he certainly knows how to doll himself up.