New music by Emil Amos

I started getting into the band Grails around the same time they were stepping away from the post-rock pool, which too many reviewers were attempting to clump them into. Also around this same time I was falling in love with the transcendental duo Om.

Who knew that a few years later, Emil Amos would step in as the new permanent drummer? This past year we saw the release of Lilacs and Champagne, a more downtempo project taking his psychedelic cinematic influences and mixing them with with a dash of hip-hop. If this isn’t enough Google information for you, Emil Amos has also appeared in the folk based group Dolorean, as well performing with Jandek and Damo Suzuki. His solo project, Holy Sons, is celebrating its 20th anniversary and is currently recording the next Scout Niblett record. After you have caught up on all of these, the new OM album, Advaitic Songs, is set to drop this July.