Featured Image for Pin designs by Kristi Sword and Roberto Lange

Pin designs by Kristi Sword and Roberto Lange

Mr. Fig is a collaborative project by artists Kristi Sword and Roberto C. Lange. The Mr. Fig pins came to be from drawings made on notes Lange would leave Sword, letting her know where he was, to-do lists, or just love letters. 

Sword collected all of these notes and later scanned the images to create the pins with the drawings. The pins are handcrafted by Sword by using a jewelers saw to cut the shapes of the drawings out of copper. These copper shapes are then fired in a kiln with a one base coat of colored enamel. The drawings are then transferred to the surface and the pins are fired again in the kiln. The sizes vary from 1″ x 1″ to 3″ x 3″ and are attached to clothing or the surface you choose with a pin back. They are available through Etsy.