New music by The David Wax Museum

TIME magazine calls them a ‘Joyful Mexo-Americana fusion, with virtuosic musical skills and virtuous harmonies’. Now, I question the actual existence of the word ‘virtuosic’, but I get where they are coming from. A friend of mine mentioned them in passing as her favorite band and I thought to myself: ‘well, I can give them a listen’.

To my delight, the incredibly talented David Wax and Suz Slezak have developed a unique style of music which seems to borrow influences from South America, the hinterlands of the American mountains, and bluesy jazz. The result is an eclectic, enthusiastic sound that had me humming after just one listen. For those of you who know them, rock on for your indie music choice. For those who haven’t, give them a shot. Definitely worth bending your ear to it.