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My Secret Playlist by Lowrider

Adelaide four piece Lowrider have one acclaimed album already under their belt, and a killer single, Hold On , from their second album release Round The World. These are the songs below that inspire their musical hybrid of soul blended with Hip Hop, as written in their own words.

1.  Deftones/No Ordinary Love

Such a moody, dark version of the Sade classic. Beautiful qualities that were always hidden within the song are really brought into light with the Deftones version. Featuring a guest appearance from Jonah Matrang.

2.  Tori Amos/Cruel

Tori is an incredibly talented artist. The attitude that she has in her voice is unmistakable. With a dirty, surging underbelly that carries her fragile, cocky voice perfectly, this track is a standout from the brilliantly constructed From The Choirgirl Hotel album.

3. Toto/Rosanna

Jeff Porcaro. That groove is just ridiculous. If I had a dollar for every hour I spent trying to mimic that feel then I could retire to an isolated chateau, simply so that I could spend every remaining waking hour continuing trying to mimic that feel.

4.  Metallica/Master Of Puppets

My Master Of Puppets cassette was gaffer taped into my Walkman for a majority of my younger school days. The flip door was busted on it so I had to tape it shut. Choosing the album that would be my sole listening choice for a large part of my adolescence was a no brainer. The album has weathered time and trends and still stands today as strong as ever.

5.  Louvin Brothers/Satan Is Real

This song was my ringtone for sometime during one of our tours for our first album. Perfect for tour bus, sleep deprived, 3am, intoxicated sing-a-longs, much to the bemusement of drive-thru assistants.

6. D’Angelo/Spanish Joint

To say Charlie Hunters’ abilities are extraordinary would be selling him short a mile. The flavour he brings to this track of the legendary Voodoo album is impeccable. The interplay between D’Angelos’ vocal line and the intricate guitar lines blows me away every time. Add to that the sprinkling of percussion, and Questlove holding it down on drums, and this track is the epitome of ‘dance’ music.

7.  Pantera/Suicide Note Pt. 1

You can almost taste the heat and dust when you listen to this track. With basically an acoustic guitar and a raw vocal, Pantera create such a baron landscape that aches and cramps with such desolation. In amongst ten other crushingly brutal tracks on The Great Southern Trendkill album, this song still manages to sit so heavy. Like a feeling of guilt when your trying to fall asleep on a hot summer night.

8. Gravediggaz/Defective Trip (Trippin’)

This Prince Paul produced track from the epic n****mortis album (title changed later to 6 Feet Deep) drips with such a soulful jazzy warmth that it would have made a perfect night’s soundtrack for Coltrane to get high to. The second verse featuring The Grym Reaper sounds like a narration from a twisted cartoon. Brilliant.

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