New 80s-style synthesized music by Com Truise

Com Truise and I are going to get married. I proposed to him on Twitter and he replied with, ‘Deal’. Com Truise is the alias of American electronic musician, Seth Haley. I had the luck of finding him by chance: the allure of his neon geometric 80-esque preview images on on Youtube by caught my eye. So I took a chance and clicked. The audio love affair began.

Com Truise creates synthesized tunes that make me feel like I am siting on the floor by my Comodore 64 console, dying from the loading anticipation. However, it’s no longer the 80s and I’m no longer wearing brown corduroy jumpers teamed with fluoro pink bike pants. I’m in a gleaming neon future existence of mid-fi synth-wave, slower-motion funk, as he calls it.