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Knitted fashions by Yokoo

I’ve recently taken up knitting as a way to soothe the daily desktop grind and in an attempt to disconnect from my deep technology immersion. I hit the needles in the early evenings, and I find it reconnects me with my love of tactile creation. Knitting is also a strange repetitive form of mediation. I got a bit knitting crazy and recently set off on an online hunt to find all things knitting. I quickly found Yokoo, who is simply known as Yokoo.

Her creations are an obsessive compulsive delight. I would describe her as a fine-tuned knit pirate as she pushes the boundaries of her items into wearable art territory. She makes me yearn for a real Winter, so I can snuggle into my soft, textured, colourful knitwear late into the night. But I currently live in Queensland and that real Winter will never come. But still I knit and knit and knit.