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My Secret Playlist: by Team Ghost

Team Ghost is the band formed by Nicolas Fromageau, a founding member of M83, alongside Anthony Gonzalez. After co-writing M83’s first two albums, M83 and the landmark Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts, he quit and left his native Antibes for Paris. Now he returns as Team Ghost, backed by multi-instrumentalist Christophe Guérin and producer/manager, Jean-Philippe Talaga (founder of Gooom Disques). It takes the M83 blueprint of electronica, shoegaze and cinematic, Eno-esque soundscapes and adds krautrock rhythms, the sleazy Suicide-like post-punk of JJ Burnel’s Euroman Cometh and the stark synth-pop of the French coldwave. [Read on below about the music that inspires Team Ghost, written in their own words]

1. Sonic Youth / Schizophrenia
It’s impossible for me not to start with a song of Sonic Youth, as they were my heroes when I was a kid (hmm, they still are, I think). This track is just perfect: I love the melodies, the lyrics, maybe their best song, even if it’s not my favorite. They inspired me so much, and they always will.

2. Tangerine Dream / Birth Of Liquid Pleiades
Oh, what a track! Julian Cope used to say that when you play this track somewhere, the atmosphere changes totally. This is the best drone I’ve ever heard. Tangs are so underrated, their early works are brilliant. One of my biggest influences.

3. Nick Drake / Things Behind The Sun
It’s hard to talk about Nick Drake’s songs. It sounds so personal to me. He used to be such a great songwriter, his songs are so modern! Too much, too soon?

4. Slowdive / Souvlaki Space Station
The band I play the most these days. Their songs are amazing. If I had to keep only one band for the rest of my life, it would be Slowdive, for sure.

5. Siouxie And The Banshees / Happy House
I’ve been listening to Coldwave and Batcave bands since when I was a teenager. Oh, but only the best ones. Please don’t tell me about London After Midnight or such shitty bands. Siouxsie is … well, does ‘Godmother mean something in English?

6. Superpitcher / Irre
And that night, I was so HIGH on ecstasy, and I discovered Superpitcher. This track (and this pill) changed my life. Kompakt is the best label since Motown I’d give everything I have for a remix by Superpitcher. He’s the only musician I’d like to be compared to. And anyway, who still cares about guitars?

7. My Bloody Valentine / (When You Wake) You’re Still In A Dream
Ok, Ok, I still do care about guitars. Best song title ever. Best song ever. Best sound ever. Shitty drummer. Perfection? Yes, mate.

8. M83 / Sitting
Because this track really changed my life. And I’m still proud of what we did with Anthony. He’s the best melodicist alive (is Brian Wilson dead?)