Featured Image for I-LIB solo show at No Walls Gallery in Brighton

I-LIB solo show at No Walls Gallery in Brighton

With his second solo show, UK artist I-LIB (aka, I Lurk in Bushes) explores the visually strange by intertwining folkloric imagery, occult symbolism, black magic, shamanism and voodoo. I-LIBs new body of work features a mix of inks, oils, spray paint, charcoal, graphite, wax and more, using a combination of diverse mediums from illustrations, paintings and printing to sculptures and installations.

Working onto old discarded materials such as wood, metal, bones and paper he morphs the textures, patterns and decay to deliver an enigmatic and haunting set of work. It’s endearing that the materials he works with all had a previous life before their current incarnation is bought to its surface. Opens April 27 and runs until May 27 at No Walls Gallery in Brighton.