Overfeeling: David Shane Smith’s new music video

Sitting in a Los Angeles doughnut shop around 1am, we started forming the ideas that would eventually become the video for Overfeeling of Controls. Between the spawning of an idea and its execution, there were numerous visits to other doughnut shops and botanicas. For a filmaker working on a budget that is non-existant, securing locations is like a scratch and win lottery victory.

We shot all the acting scenes in a day, and after the first rough edit was done, I knew that in order to get the beauty and the darkness out of the song with the visual medium, I needed more. I decided on a macro shoot for which I was able to convince the talented photographer, Chika Okazumi, to be the cinematographer. These colorful and intense shots are there to give the audience a subconscious feeling of angst while watching the main hero struggle with his emotions under the surreal backdrop of nature versus technology.