Featured Image for Portrait photographs of skaters by Nikki Toole

Portrait photographs of skaters by Nikki Toole

After three years of traveling and shooting skaters at parks, sidewalks and on the streets, the Skater: Portraits by Nikki Toole show is on now at The National Portrait Gallery of Australia, running until May 2. It will then move onto Geelong Gallery for three months in July and tour around Australia after that. 

It has been an enlightening process, meeting skaters in cities such as Prague, Rome, London and Berlin, to name a few, who understood the concept of losing yourself in their own headspace while skating. I asked the skaters to hold onto that mind space and to place themselves within that zone while I shot their portrait. Being able to understand and relate to each other through a love of skating made this process easy, even with the obvious language barriers. The project will continue later in the year with another overseas trip until I have enough for a book.