Pros and Cons: new EP by Brooklyn’s Low Fat Getting High

I don’t know if anyone knows about this, but Converse (yes, the shoe company) has a recording studio, and they let bands record there for free. Seriously. And then they give them free shoes. Its called Rubber Tracks Studio, and their mission is to give back to the creative community, inspire originality, and give emerging bands a chance to get their music out there.

Low Fat Getting High, a Brooklyn-based hard core band, did just that when they recorded their latest EP with them earlier this month. Cleverly named Pros and Cons, the EP speaks to the angst filled, drag racing teenager inside us all. Both emotive and gritty, with thick bass, pounding drums, and a lead singer that ricochets between screaming and crooning, Low Fat proves that hardcore is alive and kicking (and violently, at that). Time to get on that noise revivalist movement.