Gallim Dance: choreographed by Andrea Miller

Gallim Dance is the brainchild of choreographer, Andrea Miller. Having the privilege of working with many of Miller’s dancers myself (including Troy Ogilvie, Caroline Fermin and Arika Yamada), I find Miller’s talent to be in taking dancers with such unique styles and divergent skill sets and making them work harmoniously together.

It is difficult to know your strength and weaknesses, but even more difficult to use both to your advantage. Miller is known for her “highly textured phrasing, keen skill for syncopated rhythms, near-collision spacing, and breathtakingly risky partnering,” but what I love about Gallim is that each piece feels personal, like Miller is telling you a story and you have no choice other than to understand exactly what she’s talking about. Not to mention, her dancers are amazing. Go see them at the Joyce Theater in New York between June 8-10.