Another War: a documentary raising awareness for CHD

So often when we hear about Iraq, the conversation revolves around political platforms, militaristic strategy and nationalist propaganda. A polarizing topic, Iraq conjures up images of American Flags, the Twin Towers, Saddam Hussein and soldiers battling the desert winds. The documentary film Another War, however, attempts to tell a different story.

Introduced to me by award winning photographer Brit Worgan (the film’s on set assistant director of photography) the project aims to get viewers to set aside their political and cultural differences and to consider the value of a child’s life. According to project director, Rhys Harper, up to one in ten Iraqi children are born with a life-threatening congenital heart defect (CHD). The astronomically high number means that more than 30,000 children are waiting for life-saving surgery that may never come. Currently in the beginning phases of production, Harper asserts that the film will tell the stories of the families as they struggle to get their children help, and ensure that their voices are heard. To find out more about the project and you can help, please visit their site.