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Restaurant serves food from 1948 British Airways menu

Airplane food. Even the words conjure up images of mystery meat or the mushiest-pasta you’ve ever had, paired with old lettuce leaves and factory produced dressing. Well, British Airways is hoping to change your mind: on the ground, at least.

For two weeks in April, they’re launching a pop-up restaurant in London based around the flight experience. Called Flight BA2012, for £50 you’re treated to a three-course meal inspired by British Airways menu’s from 1948, prepared by a real chef – overseen by Heston Blumenthal – inside what looks like an aircraft. The whole shtick is to publicize BA’s status as the official Olympic airline. And though this may seem like the most expensive in-flight meal you’ll voluntarily eat, keep in mind it’s what will be served to BA’s first class passengers this summer, where the cost of a ticket is a touch more than 50 quid.