Featured Image for Greenhouse: a waste-free restaurant in Melbourne

Greenhouse: a waste-free restaurant in Melbourne

Greenhouse by Joost is clearly a project we love, having featured it in a few different ways in the past. But when this brilliant, sustainable, waste-free restaurant popped-up at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, we had to showcase it one more time.

And really, how can we not? There are vertical gardens, trees sprouting mushrooms, herbs growing on the roof (helped along by composted organic waste from the restaurant), not to mention Joost’s signature sharp design too. Even the urine from public toilets is being turned into fertilizer. Okay, that’s a little less appetizing. But Chef Matt Stone’s philosophy of celebrating seasonal eats using local products certainly whets the palette. So if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Melbourne, this is definitely a pop-up worth experiencing. Just don’t wait too long; the project ends before the month does.