Featured Image for Mutewatch: a watch that’s smarter than you are

Mutewatch: a watch that’s smarter than you are

We’re loving the intuitive and sleek new Mutewatch. Here’s a watch that not only looks hot, but also might be smarter than you. And us. Sad, but true.

The Mutewatch is designed to function via taps and swipes – super simple, yet so clever. The Mutewatch also features a built in motion sensor, so high levels of movement trigger an increase in the intensity of the vibrating alarm: whether you’re sleeping, in a meeting, or working out. There also are some great videos available, that can show all of the awesomeness of your new timely friend: Meet the Mutewatch here, and check out How to Use the Mutewatch.

The Mutewatch is available for purchase in the Lost At E Minor store.