Air New Zealand Presents: The Hipster

When it comes to being a hipster, Australian Patrick ticks all the boxes. He is a skinny white boy living in the hood (well, Redfern, Sydney). He’s a part-time DJ, full-time social photographer, and the wearer of ironic T-shirts and ironic shorts. He’s the bearer of ironic tattoos and the rider of an ironic bicycle. Advertisement

If you are wondering about the ironic bicycle, riding a fixed gear in a city of hills seems ironic to us, unless you are in the market for big calves. And Patrick probably isn’t. It would kinda make it hard to slip into those skinny jeans. For all his hipster tendencies, Patrick is actually really nice. Which is why our friends at Air New Zealand wanted to change his mind about New Zealand. To do that they took him to the capital of Kiwi hipsterdom: Wellington. Hopefully it lives up to the Pat test.

Patrick’s ideal holiday according to Patrick
‘Since my job requires me to go hard all night with loud music and big crowds, I like to escape all that and opt for silence and good friends. My last holiday saw me spend five days kayaking in the mountains, which was amazing, and exactly what I needed’.

What Patrick thought about New Zealand before his trip
Look, I’ll have to be honest. I had the clichéd image of a chilly set from ‘Lord of the Rings’, sparsely populated with friendly folks with funny accents.