Air New Zealand Presents: Bali Girl

Rebecca Louise Boyd-Bais is so wonderfully Sydney. She is a self-confessed princess who lives in the bubble of the lower North Shore and the South Eastern Suburbs. She likes exclamation marks and smiley faces. Advertisement

On LinkedIn, her job title is a think-o-vator, and on Facebook she encouraged us to stalk her (just lulzing!) Her travel essentials are a bikini (Zimmerman, of course) and her make-up bag. Her thoughts on New Zealand are: Sheep and a place where old people go. Can our friends at Air New Zealand change Bec’s mind? Can they show her there is so much more to New Zealand than just sheep and old people? We think so, with a little help from the folks over at Rhythm and Vines.

Essential holiday items according to Bec
‘I’m a bit girly in that regard. I don’t travel anywhere without a bikini (even if it’s minus two degrees. Anywhere I’ll go will have a spa, right?!), my cosmetics and hair stuff. Brushes, straightener, curler, etc. Wait, I can bring more than one suitcase, can’t I?’

What Bec thought about New Zealand before her trip
‘Really not interested in going. It’s just so close! You have to fly at least nine hours from Australia to see anything interesting, like Hawaii or Asia, or much longer to the US and Europe. I just imagine a rolling set from ‘Lord of the Rings’ where the “fush-n-chups” are cheap and there is nothing to do’.