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Robot Geisha: the art of Sean Madden

Robotgeisha represents artwork from the past few years living in Brighton on the South coast of England. It focuses on three dimensional bronze and plastic work, along with some painting. More recently, the work has veered towards a kind of three dimensional collage, incorporating plastic toys and PVC figures.

I usually start by scuIpting from scratch then introduce objects of interest that can be rethought or recycled into something new and expressive. I have many influences: robots, sex and machinery all seem to feature heavily, as do literature, children’s nursery rhymes and fairy tales. The Robot Geisha figures are a kind of Darwinian nightmare from the future and look at man’s obsession with beauty and technology. Music has also been inspirational. My latest painting is a direct result of listening to the Swedish band Fever Ray. You can see my work at The Signal Gallery, London and The Ink_d Gallery, Brighton.
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